Kelsey had a kind and loving spirit and even while enduring the harsh treatments and side effects from medications she never lost the drive to help others.  Kelsey created Team Kelsey  whose main objective was to create awareness of childhood cancer. 



         Once Kelsey had completed treatment in June 2011, results of MRI scans were very promising and we thought that she may beat this horrible disease. This feeling was short lived however because in August 2011 the tumour returned and Kelsey again had to face more aggressive radiation treatment.  Kelsey was the first child to receive CyberKnife Radiation treatment at Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, which was a huge success!  Kelsey was elated to return to Stevensville Public School to attend Grade 8 and was elected Student Council President.  We were devastated to learn in October 2011 that the tumour again returned and this time  attached to her brainstem where further treatment was not available. Kelsey passed away on December 13, 2011, at the very young age of 13.

          Cancer does not discriminate, it can attack any child regardless of age, ethnicity or gender. It can attack any family, we are proof of this. We continue to generate awareness of childhood cancer at every opportunity presented to us! Team Kelsey’s biggest wish is to live in a world where children can grow up without the worry of getting this horrible disease, a world without fear of a shortened life, a world without cancer! We encourage anyone and everyone to join our team and help raise awareness of Childhood Cancer and work together for a cancer free world!


About Team Kelsey





          It all started in September 2010 when Kelsey Hill, who had just begun
grade 7, at Stevensville Public School complained of nausea, headaches and

blurred vision. What we thought were migraine headaches, turned out to be our

worst nightmare, Kelsey was diagnosed with Supratentorial Primitive

Neuroectodermal Tumour  - a rare and aggressive form of brain tumour.

          Kelsey was rushed to McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, and underwent 3 brain surgeries, including major brain surgery which caused the left side

of her body to become paralyzed and wheelchair dependent; 31 daily radiation

treatments to brain and spine followed by 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Kelsey never complained while enduring over 600 needle pokes to her body and countless scans and tests.